Flickervision – sneak peek around the globe

Posted May 17, 2007 by Lars
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Heard about flickervision? A site showing realtime geotagged Flickr pictures on a Google world map. Neat site, the pictures pop-ups nice and smooth. Should be really interesting if you could select pictures from your own album / tags.



Good pipes from yahoo

Posted May 14, 2007 by Lars
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Well, now the Yahoo pipe seems to work. Use this link to se my geotagged pictures from FLICKR in Google Maps. Amazing!

(Just change the nsid parameter in the above link, to show your own flickr photos)

In combination with the logs from my trip you get a really cool photo album. Take a look at this screendump from the Andes (Merida, Venezuela) and see for yourself. The red line is my GPS log (I went by telerifa to 5000meter and back) and the yellow pins are photos taken during the tripp, auto-mapped using Sony GPS Image Tracker. Neat!

The pipeshow
Showing a true pipeshow in Google earth.

Yahoo Pipes – Export FLICKR pix to google earth

Posted May 13, 2007 by Lars
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Found an interesting discussion concerning geocoding on Flickr today. There was “pipe” developed to export gecoded photos in Flickr directly to google earth. Have been looking for something like this, since I think Google Earth is a excellent program to use if you wan’t to make a cool presentation of your travel photos…However the links to the pipe didn’t export any pictures when I tried it today!?

Here is a link to the pipe, if you have an FLICKR ID, you can try if on your own.

Flickrfly is cool, but can only server one picture at a time.  I will continue to examine the pipe and see how to get it started to serve full albums to Google Earth.

GPS Fixed

Posted May 13, 2007 by Lars
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New UnitGot my GPS CS1 back. Sony could not fix it the stuck on/off button(?!), so i got a brand new unit instead (for free). Thanx Sony! After a short look at the wrapping and the CS1, no updates seems to be made. In other words, it’s exactlly the same vesion as the broken one. Hopes this one will survive more than 3 months of geocoding.

Soon you will have som brand new geocoded photos and different environements to test the GPS in.

GPS on repair

Posted April 27, 2007 by Lars
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So, at least Sony Center took my broken GPS under their wings. They told me that i will take at least 2-3 weeks before it’s fixed (!?!), so i guess there will be no more auto-mapped pictures during this time. Sorry about that!

Uploaded GPS-log (KML format)

Posted April 10, 2007 by Lars
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Google erath overviewSo, finally uploaded the GPS log from my trip. Please note that you have to unzikp the file and open the doc.kml file using google earth.

>> GPS log converted into google earth <<
(file is named centralamerica.zip)

 The logfiles are catagoriezed by country and you can see what date is was created by checking the filename (YYYYMMDD). Some days have several logfile, the reason for this could be that I had to turn the GPS of or changed batteries. In some cities, the result is terrible.  I Guess that the GPS-satellites  were jammed by large buildings (etc in Panama City or Guatemala City) and since I always traveled by taxi, the GPS had trouble following me. The most interesting logs could be found in Xela (Guatemala) and Los Roques (Venezeuala), were you easily could follow my boat-rides between different islands from day to day. To bad that the map details for Los Roques are low, but you could still see what islands i visited.

Problems with my Sony GPS-CS1

Posted March 29, 2007 by Lars
Categories: Geocode, Sony Center, Sony GPS-CS1

GpsGuess what, when I tried to turn on the GPS yesterday, it was impossible to start. Old sand / mud / dust seemed to have jammed the On/Off button  (i have stored it in a box for the last two weeks) . The USB connection to my computer still works, but it’s simple impossible to start the damn GPS again.

Contacted Sony Center in my hometown (Malmö), they couldn’t clean it / get it to work and said that I probably had to send it to Sony to fix it. However, they refused to help me further, since I forgot to bring my reciept… Wonder how many GPS-CS1 they actually sold in Malmö…Should really be interesting to talk to them again during the weekend.

So, 8 weeks of intense use in central America was probably to much for the toy. Well spend $150? You decide.